Modelant is a small company located in Sabadell (Catalonia) and designed to develop and create slot cars entirely handmade using traditional methods in developement and manufacture of its products. We have more than 12 years of professional experience in the world of slot cars, both handmade with little artisan productions and industrial levels with large productions and modern technologies. At this stage, we aim to offer to the collector faithful replicas of slot cars at 1/32 scale unrealeased and with historical interest.

We hope to satisfy your expectations.

Albert Jobal and Joan Jobal


About Modelant and this website:

This website is not a shop, it is a catalog of products made under the name Modelant, where the product are manufactured, and explains the acquisition method. As artisans we are, we think that the most appropriate method of purchasing our products is the personal treatment which is why we do not want to have an online store. We prefer to be written, and personally answer each customer.

Modelant is an autonomous international trade name registered with the tax identification number ES47173247V. Modelant ensures that the data submitted by email will become part of an internal database and confidential and will never be revealed, according to the Data Protection Law in force in our country. Any customer can write to us to modify or cancel their data to