Trying to innovate, with this truck we aim to offer something different to the customer, a product that is beyond everything we usually see in slot at 1/32 scale, something not thought of performance, only the pure pleasure of driving. A model that both may be in our showcases, or decorating circuits, with the added value that can also run on the track.

The FIAT opens range of references, the "C", so that it is detached from the "M" (cars) and can be collected apart, and removing the purchase obligation to whom only wants to collect cars.

For the display, we turn to the hands of a renowned artist and painter of oils, which was responsible for the design of the decoration of the base, which is covered by a disposable protective dome.

Due to slowness and complexity of manufacture, production will be limited to only 100 numbered units.

Price: 110 euros (shipping not included).

Sold out.